Hayley Nebauer - Costume Designer


A selection of older Shoreels showing the scope of some of my past projects.

Please note that the following projects are not yet featured in any of my showreels:


Close (2017) Feature Film 

Doctor Who - Christmas Special (2017) for BBC 

Doctor Who - Series 10 (2016) for BBC 

Doctor Who - Christmas Special (2016) for BBC 

The Musketeers (2016) Series 3 for BBC 

Take Down (2016) Feature Film

Our World War (2015) BBc TV Series

Cyber Bully (2015) Channel 4 TV Movie


Hayley Nebauer - Costume Designer - Showreel 2014 from Hayley Nebauer on Vimeo.


Hayley Nebauer Showreel 2012 from Hayley Nebauer on Vimeo.